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Suburban Spoon is proud to be a part of the Informed Dining program as part of Healthy Families BC.

As an organization we are stepping into the wave of  awareness of healthy and nutritious dining options in a food truck by being conscious of  ingredients  that we include in our menu items. Our goal is to provide the food truck experience without excessive sodium or calories.

Our heart is in your heart!


Truck Menu staples

Sweet chili chicken 12
(Tender and succulent morsels of chicken breast tossed in sweet chili sauce served over fries in a paper cone)
Texas style oven roasted brisket  12
dry rubbed, roasted 14- 16 hours to fork tender, served with gingered cabbage,
crisp onions, Memphis sauce served on a ciabatta bun

Vegan Thai coconut curry rice bowl
an authentic blend of the sweet, salty and sour flavors of Thailand in a velvety coconut sauce served with vegetables over Jasmine rice

Chicken wrap  10
oven roasted chicken breast seasoned with the spices of Greece, truck made tzatziki and hummus, lettuce tomato and cucumber wrapped in a 13' flour tortilla

West coast "poutine"  8
vegetarian rosemary gravy over crisp fries and stringy mozzarella

              Our menu may change with different venue's and events as we 
                       strive to accomodate all of our valuable customers. 



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